stories of hope

We hope you feel encouraged and inspired as you read these “Stories of Hope.” You’ll learn about pregnancy care centers’ challenges and how they have found the strength to continue their life-saving work.

In Their Own Words

A Glimpse Inside

Last month, the Life Matters Team visited pregnancy centers. We do this as often as possible to encourage staff, pray for them, and see the work from their perspective.

After being buzzed in the front door (heightened security is now standard practice) we were greeted by a smiling receptionist and a very large German Shepherd.

As you can probably imagine, we were surprised by this canine presence. After touring the center, we sat down with Sue, the Executive Director. We asked how she and her staff were doing after experiencing ongoing vandalism and death threats.

This center had experienced several occurrences over the past year simply because it stands for life and offers alternatives to abortion.

With her sweet German Shepherd lying at her feet, Sue teared up a bit as she explained the need for Sasha’s presence.

“She is our built-in security. My board suggested I take her to work after the last paint bomb was thrown against our building. She has added such peace to the environment here. We brought her in to protect us, but she has offered so much more. Our clients love her and find her to be very therapeutic as they navigate life’s difficulties. They feel safe, loved, and cared for by both the staff and our sweet Sasha.”

On our drive home, I thought we had seen Genesis 50:20 illustrated before our eyes.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Remaining Steadfast Under Trial

Fighting for life while you fight to live. This thought went through my mind while being led through a center that began years ago as a small storefront in a strip mall and is now thriving. Their professional medical services include STI testing and treatment, ultrasound, pregnancy testing, and early prenatal care.

Their support services are just as impressive and include counseling for both men and women, Bible study, abortion recovery support, childbirth classes, baby loss support, baby care, and abuse recovery. They are showing people how to truly live the abundant life Jesus came to give.

As our tour continued, we were taken outside to the storefront one door over. Here, we saw a beautiful store for moms, dads, and kids. It was brimming with clothes, toys, books, diapers, etc.

Anything a new parent could imagine was carefully and lovingly displayed.

Again, this is demonstrating what it means to live abundantly!

Our next stop took us one step further. You may be catching on by now; they are taking over the strip mall! The newly gutted storefront space will become their new medical facility with dedicated ultrasound suites, STI/STD testing labs, prenatal care, and life-giving services.

Before returning to our point of origin, we paused while we waited for the Executive Director to catch his breath. Yes, he was excited to show us how God is saving lives through this center, but he is fighting for his own life.

Tim is undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer. Tim is fighting for life while he fights to live.

What an honor it is to stand arm-in-arm with this Champion for Life!