The Summit for Pregnancy Care Center Teams

You will not want to miss the 2024 LMW 30th Annual Summit! Registration is closed but there is still room! Contact Tonya at (616) 257-6800 or (616) 891-8022 to sign-up today!

The emotional, spiritual, and professional health of pregnancy care workers has never been more critical. We believe no pregnancy care worker should do their lifesaving work feeling overwhelmed, ill-equipped, unsupported, or disconnected. The SUMMIT provides spiritual renewal, practical coaching, and invaluable community to your frontline champions.

This year, Josh Zoerhof will join us as our keynote speaker, and Dwight Beal will be our worship leader.

You can learn more about them below:

Josh Zoerhof

Meet Josh Zoerhof – a pastor, Bible teacher, counselor, and the host of the “Chaplaincy On The Go” podcast. His passion for creativity, whole-hearted living, justice, and the Kingdom of God has made him a sought-after speaker at various events.

Back in 2023, Josh left the attendees of the Summit reflecting on their lives as he shared his insights on Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma in the final session. The energy and enthusiasm for God that Josh brought to the stage were infectious, and everyone couldn’t stop raving about him.

And now, we’re thrilled to announce that Josh is back! In 2024, he will be our keynote speaker! On Wednesday, Josh will ask two fundamental questions that will make you think – “How is the condition of your soul?” and “How do you see Jesus?” On Thursday, Josh will present a 2-part series on Understanding Triggers and confronting them.

If you want to learn from a brother in Christ, don’t miss Josh Zoerhof’s sessions. They’re guaranteed to inspire, motivate, and leave you with insights that will change your life.

Dwight Beal

Are you ready to worship? In 2024, Dwight wowed attendees at the LMW Summit with his passion for worshiping God. People were so impressed that they begged for his return, and now he’s confirmed as the worship leader for the LMW 2024 Summit.

Dwight’s love for pop music began in the mid-70s, and he quickly made a name for himself with his unique piano-playing style. But that was just the beginning. In the early 80s, Dwight met two people who would change his life forever. The first was a jazz pianist named Julie, who taught him a whole new approach to music. The second was a Jewish rabbi named Jesus, who taught him a new life approach.

Dwight’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. In college, he joined a Christian rock band where he met his longtime music partner, John. Together, they formed the Christian Contemporary music duo Grooters & Beal, and they quickly gained a reputation for their talent. Over time, Dwight’s career evolved into leading worship, and he’s been doing it for decades.

Dwight’s passion for worshiping God shines through as he inspires others to come to the throne with him.

Please join us to hear from these amazing men and discover all you can be.


Summit Registration:

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Attendee with lodging cost:

Includes Full Summit costs plus two nights of lodging (Weds. and Thurs.) and six meals – Wednesday dinner through Friday Lunch.

  • Single Occupancy Rooms- $420
  • Double Occupancy – $400
  • Triple Plus Occupancy – $380

Attendee without lodging costs:

  • Full Summit – $260 (6 meals included)
  • Wednesday Summit – $80 (Dinner included)
  • Thursday Summit – $80 or $100 (Lunch included;
  • Lunch and Dinner included)
  • Friday Summit – $80 (Lunch included)
  • Wednesday and Thursday Summit – $180 (3 meals included)
  • Thursday and Friday Summit – $180 (3 meals included)

2024 Theme: “Live Your Mission From the Inside Out”

“Keep your heart with diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

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